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Richmond Virginia's Finest Escape Room


#1 Escape Room in Richmond, VA

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The most immersive and fast paced hour you will ever experience…

Escape Room RVA has cultivated 3 unique escape room experiences that will challenge your mind and keep your heart pounding until the very end. Artifacts, clues, cryptic symbols, and unexpected interactive materials used in each room guide players through exciting adventures. Only the wiliest, most coordinated teams will escape to the other side. Does your team have what it takes?



Adventure Seekers

Escape rooms are the perfect challenge for gamers, puzzle aficionados, and people who just want to have their mind blown. Escape Room RVA has a dedicated team of builders and designers that craft the clues, sets, and hidden passageways in-house to give our adventurers an escape room experience that you won't find anywhere else in the country.


Friends and Families

Enjoy an experience unlike any other with your friends and family members all while trying to break out of one of our four themed rooms. Perfect for special occasions, birthday parties, or just a night out in RVA. All of our rooms are family friendly, but don't hesitate to give us a call or visit our Contact page if you need guidance in your room selection.


Team Building Events

Escape rooms are an incredible tool for team-building exercises for any size company or organization. Communication and teamwork is crucial in order to escape, and the experience will build bonds among the team that could never be replicated with any normal team building exercise. Voted Best "Out-of-office employee bonding activity" in Richmond Magazine's Best & Worst 2017 issue.



You are a member of a search and rescue mission to recover the crew of the Star Ship Stratagem, who’ve been missing for 22 days, 7 hours, and 26 minutes. You’ve been successful in finding the missing ship, but have received only radio silence in the way of communication from the crew. With no other options you’ve decided to board the ship in hopes of recovering the missing members of the S. S. Stratagem...Only in silence will you survive what lays within…

Difficulty: 8/10
Max Number of Players: 8

NOTE: There is brief crawling in this experience and mild adult content. Not recommended for children under the age of 13.

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Genie’s Lamp 

The eons of time have kept the genie held captive in his lamp. However, he has mastered the art of human deception and has tricked you into taking his place. Retrace his steps and see if you can earn your freedom.

Rated PG
Difficulty 5/10
Max Number of players: 10
Note: There is brief, mild crawling in this experience.



When the circus closed, tensions grew and the drinking got out of hand. Krinkle the Carnie did not take it well, and spiraled to a dark place. To support his habits, he started booking gigs at Children's birthday parties which proved  to be his undoing. One dark night, he came back to the shuttered fun house, where he and the other Carni’s lived. He was stark , raving mad and screaming about cake. Apparently, no one remembered his birthday….its up to you to solve the madness. Do you have what it takes?

Rated PG-13
Difficulty: 7/10
Max number of players: 8

Note: There is mild crawling and climbing in this experience. Not recommended for players under 13 years of age or for individuals with mobility constraints.



Located in Manchester, Richmond.

7,000 Square Feet of Madness For Just Your Team!

Check Out Our Newest, Grandest & Most INTENSE experience yet!

Maximum number of players: 8

Rated R

Must be over the age of 14 to play.

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Gnome & Raven

Located at Stony Point Fashion Park

We are the nation's premiere event venue and escape room for ALL AGES! Perfect birthdays, corporate team building, family reunions and every celebratory occasion!

This facility holds 40 players.

(800) 769-1415

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Five stars just doesn’t do this Escape Room justice. I have now visited this establishment on three separate occasions to take on the staff’s clever and intricate puzzle & mazes and I have left each time thoroughly amazed.
— Doug Nunnally
It was amazing. We worked as a team to solve all sorts of different puzzles that really got us thinking and earn our way out. If we didn’t already have other plans, we would have signed up for another room right then. We want to go into all of them to test our mettle.
— Bryan Woods
Start with a very friendly staff. Add well-designed (and challenging) puzzles, and a convenient location. Then toss in a roomful of friends. And you have an hour at Escape Room RVA.
— Rob Hoffman

Voted “Best Escape Room in Richmond, VA” by Richmond Magazine.

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