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Richmond Virginia's Finest Escape Room

Ravenchase Adventures, parent company to Escape Room RVA, is the global industry leader in private adventure races. Since 2004, Ravenchase has hosted hundreds of extraordinary bespoke team building, fundraising and private experiences. Whether it’s racing through city streets, immersing in a private venue, exploring a museum or park, or a daring multi-city dash, our adventure game experiences are sure to challenge your wits and open your mind to the mystery and magic that surrounds you.

Find out more about what we do and how to book your own adventure!

Featured along with Light Tape and GWAR, Ravenchase was highlighted as one of Richmond’s most uncommon successful enterprises during the TEDxRVA 2015 event. In lieu of a talk, this spotlight video aired prior to the lunch hour, which became a race for attendees to unlock a treasure chest in the lobby.

How does all this magic actually work you ask? Great question! All of our events are unique, and completely customized to meet your needs, but whether you're signing up for a team building event, fundraiser or public event, there are a couple of things that are at the foundation of service: 

  1. We Build The Unicorn Of Your Dreams - We gather up your hopes and ideas for your adventure by talking with you first to get an understanding of exactly what you want. If it's a purple unicorn with a monkey on it's back riding towards a rainbow, we find a horse, a horn, some glue (hopefully not from a relative of the horse), a trained monkey (easier than you'd think) and some hidden water spray jets at just the right angle in the sun. 
  2. We ensure the event is Turn-Key - Once your event is booked, we set our staff in motion developing every facet, play-testing the game and ensuring that you never have to think about it again until it's show time. 
  3. We Facilitate The Magic - On game day a seasoned, smart, attractive, witty staff member (unless its Josh and then you get 3 our of 4) shows up early, greets your group, explains all the rules, passes out materials and sets you and your group out on the way (before stepping back into the mysterious black van to oversee and monitor the game). 
  4. We Bring The Gold - At the end of the game, be it champagne or Super Bowl Rings or Golden gnomes, we award prizes, cheer your group on and ensure everyone leaves with an experience that glows golden in the memory for years to come. 

Past CLients

Who adventures with us?  Perhaps who doesn't is the better question!  A glimpse at a few of our spirited clients:

Public Events

Want to get in on the action but don't have an event? Are you a wily puzzle aficionado looking to apply your skills in a city-wide race to the finish line? Just an amateur looking for a spirited adventure and some new friends? Ravenchase is ready to challenge your mind and engage you with cityscapes in a beautiful and exciting way through our public events! All skill levels are welcome to play, from the hardcore to the casual. Check our public events page as well as the Ravenchase Facebook page for more details on our future events.

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